KERIDOWN    –    BREEDER OF THE UK’s TOP WHEATEN STUD DOG 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

CRUFTS  2015

Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers

Judge :  R G Ross (Keridown)


crufts 2015
I very much enjoyed judging my breed at Crufts.  Thanks to the exhibitors for the excellent entry and a special thanks to my hard working stewards, Ken and Shirley who ensured that everything ran smoothly.

Overall I found my entry to be very pleasing with a selection of quality dogs from both home and abroad. I certainly agree with those voices from other breeds who believe that the inclusion of foreign exhibits at crufts is improving the overall experience for everyone.

Based on this big entry it was pleasing to find that in general bites were good and I found a visible improvement in movement which should appear straight fore and aft. I did find a few light eyes which are objectionable.  Temperaments were, on the whole, excellent.

Best of Breed:                                 Int Rus Ch Modny Style Euro Standart, WW-2014

Dog Challenge Certificate               Int Rus Ch Modny Style Euro Standart, WW-2014

Bitch Challenge Certificate              Int D Ch Mother’s Finest Vanilla Funky

Dog Res Challenge Certificate        Ned Ch Mother’s Finest Furious Fox

Bitch Res Challenge Certificate       Int Ch Modny Style O’Morning Star

Best Puppy                                      Fantasa Blonde Queen Bee


Veteran Dog                        (5 entries)

1st        Mrs E Dunhill’s-        Ch Fantasa Blonde Kaos

Excellent veteran.  Good dentition, nice head, lovely neck pleasing textured coat with good colour.  Well coordinated and free moving.

2nd       L & W Menser’s-       D Am Ch Wheatens Pride Buxx Bogart

Nicely proportioned male with the look of a terrier. Good head with nice ears.   Lovely texture and wave to his coat just would have preferred a touch more colour.  Liked him a lot.

3rd        Mrs B Hanna’s-        Ch Kinaelan Quietly Does It

Strong head with good dentition.  Good topline and angulation.  Nice shine and wave to coat. Moved well.

Puppy Dog                           (6 entries)

1st        Mrs E Dunhill’s-        Fantasa Blonde Qiwi

Compact youngster with promising coat texture and colour.  Super dentition, in a strong head with lovely pigment.  Good length of neck leading into well angulated shoulders nice spring of rib level topline, good rear angulation and best on the move, using his upper arm to get super extension.  Showing well. BPD

2nd       D & S Mort’s-             Regalred Russian Prince

Another nice puppy,  Again excellent mouth, head and topline., good spring to ribs.  Bit paler than first and not as settled on the day.

3rd        Mrs H Blandford’s-   Janeyjimjams Joshua

Again a nice pup, good bite and expression however not quite the movement of first.

Junior Dog                           (5 entries, 3 absent)

1st        Mr C Johnson’s-      Kinaelan Halsey

Nice mover,  Good dentition, head and length of neck and level topline, well angled rear. Attractive maturing coat. Moved steadily.

2nd       I, L & Z Carter’s-       Zaraslake Indiana Twist from Chloeanco

Very heavily coated male, level topline with good rear angulation, did not move as well as first. 

Yearling Dog                       (4 entries)

1st        J & R MacKenzie’s-    Kirktonhill Rumour Has It

Nicely proportioned dog with good dentition, head and expression.  Nice shoulders, topline and rear angulation.  Moved like a trooper.

2nd       L T Potuk’s-               Honeywheats Oncoming Storm

Very well proportioned.  Good bite, head, nice ears.  Just lacking a bit of colour at the moment but texture good. Not as steady on the move as 1st.

3rd        Mr & Mrs Porter’s-    Hobel A Matter of Moments

Nice outline and bone.  Good length to head with good pigment and teeth.  Correct depth of chest.  Coat of lovely texture and wave.

Post Graduate Dog            (5 entries, 1 absent)

1st        Drs M & E Griffiths’-   Manawyddan I Got Rhythm

Dog of nice proportions, Nice head and expression, level topline with good front and rear angulation  moving steadily.  Lovely wave and sheen to his coat. 

2nd       J CD and B P Revis’-    Tiareko Niflheim’s Wizard

Well balanced with well sprung ribs.  Good head and expression.  Very thick coat. Not moving as steadily as winner.

3rd        Mrs L Salisbury’s-    Orliscwt Zebedee

Good shoulder placement, short back, level topline, coat with good sheen just not moving as well as the other two.

 Limit Dog                              (11 entries)

1st        Y Avakyants’-           Modny Style Only You

Superior well coupled dog.  Coat of rich colour with good shine and wave.  Excellent head, pigment and dentition. Good front and rear angulation, with good ribs.  Moved very well showing off to the girls.

2nd       Mr & Mrs Mapson’s-   Abiqua Wild Jack of Hearts

Another square, well proportioned dog.  Good head, neck and shoulders with good topline.  Just lacks the coat quality and colour of the winner. Moved well.

3rd        Mrs J Thackray’s-     Abiqua Wild on an Acetrip

Yet another well put together dog with nice coat texture just lacking a bit of colour to finish the picture.  Nice head, expression.  Good topline, tail could be looser.  Moved out well.

Open Dog                             (17 entries)

1st        Miss O Kompaniets’-   Int Rus Ch Modny Style Euro Standart

Standing something to behold. Lovely balanced, upstanding dog with excellent outline.  Excellent head proportions, nice ears, pigment and bite.  Great arched neck of good length.  Front and rear angulation very good.  Level topline, well coupled with very good tailset. Lovely coat texture, wave and colour.  Well presented.  Movement proud and aloof. A touch more weight will make him as good as it gets. CC & BOB

2nd       Mr A Kreetz’s-           D Ch Mother’s Finest Furious Fox

Another lovely well put together dog of the highest standard. Good bite, head and expression, not quite the length of neck of the winner which for me just alters the perspective. Good front and rear angulation, level topline,  well coupled.    Moved and showed very well. RCC

3rd        M Dunhill-Hall’s-      Ch Fantasa Blonde Neville

Yet another superior male standing proud. Dark pigment and good dentition, pleasing head, good length of neck, excellent topline and tailset, good coat colour and texture showed well by his highly proficient young handler.

Good Citizens Dog            (2 entries, 1 absent)

1st        I. L. & Z Carter’s-      Zaraslake Indiana Twist from Chloeanco

Second in Junior Dog

Veteran Bitch                      (7 entries, 1 absent)

1st        Mrs P Erdman’s-      Int D Ned B Lux CH Ballyhara’s Jewel of Tara, Lux Jnr Ch

Lovely, feminine lady with compact body of ideal square proportions. Excellent shine and wave to coat, Good ribs, topline and tailset.  Good pigment. Very attractive leg furnishings. Moved and presented very well.  A contender in the challenge.

2nd       Drs M & E Griffiths’-      Wintrypark Miss Goodnight with Manawyddan

Again a compact lady very feminine.  Good front and rear, moved well.  Another with good shine and wave to coat.

3rd        Mrs J Charleton’s-       Snowmeadow Janeyjimjams with Showadiway

Well presented and nicely handled by a young lady.  Good angulation with strong ribs again moved well.

Minor Puppy Bitch             (2 entries)

1st        Gent & Lees’-            Flaxella My Secret Love

Nice puppy with a good head, pigment and excellent bite.  Well balanced with a good front.  Could have moved a little faster but only a baby.

2nd       P & J Clarke’s-          Flaxella Everlasting Love

Nicely balanced puppy.  Good dentition and topline.   Not so mature as first but has lots of time on her side.  Irish coated pup so more time is needed for her coat to mature, but should be super when it does….. be patient.

Puppy Bitch                         (5 entries)

1st        Mrs E Dunhill’s-        Fantasa Blonde Queen Bee

Lovely compact puppy with good front assembly and good rear angulation. Typy,  pretty girl.  Promising puppy coat.  Bite, pigment, head all good, nice reach of neck leading into good topline.  Good spring of rib for age.  Moved out well.  Took Best Puppy over her brother.  BP

2nd       Miss P Connor’s-     Regalred Russian Romance

Another compact girl with good front and rear.  Excellent dentition as the first.  Again, promising puppy coat.  Nice depth, width and spring of ribs.  Good pigment, compact feet with thick pads and well muscled. 

3rd        G & C Hughlock’s-   Janeyjimjams Jolene

Bitch of good proportions, good front with nice neck.  Moved ok.

Junior Bitch                         (6 entries)

1st        C & C Satherley’s-   Silkcroft Sky Full of Stars

Good length of  neck  with level topline. Not quite as compact as some. Promising puppy coat. Bit more substance would finish the picture, but still young.

2nd       R & S Shrive’s-         Emalot Santa Maria

A  well balanced bitch with nice front who moved well.  Slightly high in the rear.

3rd        K & P Williams’-       Kellynack Joie de Vivre

Compact girl who is lacking a little colour at this stage, but has time. Moved OK eventually.

Yearling Bitch                     (8 entries)

1st        Moeller & Moeller-Sieber’s-   Wheaten Rebel’s U’re My Universe

Nicely proportioned bitch with very good topline.  Excellent neck, head, pigment and ears.  Good dentition. Good in front and rear.  Very upright and showy girl.

2nd       D & H Escott’s-         Sidereal’s Essence of Time

Lovely length and arch of neck on this girl.  Good topline and angulation.  Just waiting on her colour coming through.

3rd        Miss K Buyle’s-        Miss Magic in Motion from Kizzys Paradise

Nice bitch with level topline, good in front and rear.  Movement ok.  .

Post Graduate Bitch          (11 entries, 1 absent)

1st        J & C Hill’s-               Janeyjimjams Jive Queen

Nicely put together bitch with good head and neck, good shoulder and front and rear angulation.  Attractive coat of good texture.  Moved and presented well.

2nd       C & I Wardle’s-         Saffini One and Only

Compact bitch, not the reach of neck of one but good in front and rear angulation.  Good topline, moved and shown well.

3rd        D & P Moran’s-         Abiqua Wild She’s By Design

Another compact bitch, lacking in colour against  the others.  Moved and shown well.

Limit Bitch                            (14 entries, 1 absent)

1st        Mrs A Naylor’s-         Amaricy I Won’t Back Down

Nice, compact girl with good front and rear angulation, good topline.  Moved best in class.

2nd       C & I Wardle’s-         Saffini Yours Truly

Nice bitch, compact and level with a good neck.  Moved well.

3rd        J & B Revis’-             Garsayno Gold Gemma

Nice girl but just lacked the front of the first two but moved well.  Nice coat and colour.

Open Bitch                           (22 entries, 3 absent)

1st        Mr A Kreetz’s-           Int D B Lux Fr H Hr Ch Mother’s Finest Vanilla Funky

Lovely, compact bitch with imposing personality. Good dentition with correctly proportioned head, good pigmentation, excellent front and rear angulation, level topline, good chest depth attractive silky coat with shine.  Moved and presented well.  CC

2nd       Miss O Kompaniets’-    Int Ch Modny Style O’Morning Star

Another top quality girl with lots going for her – I just preferred the front of the winner but I’m splitting hairs – she’s a top bitch, lovely outline beautiful coat with colour and sheenRCC

3rd        Ms S Withington’s-    Ch Fantasa Blonde Lilley

Three crackers . Quality exhibit with good bite and correct head, great length of neck, good front and rear angulation, attractive coat texture with good colour, just slightly longer cast than 1 and 2.  Moved and shown very well. 

 Good Citizen’s Bitch (4 entries, 2 absent)

1st        Dr P & Mrs C Jeffrries’-      Cuddly Keira

Compact with good colour to coat.  Could do with a touch more reach of neck to finish.

2nd       Mrs L Wassall’s-       Emalot Little Miss Magic

Fails in dentition to the winner.